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Our 10 Favorite Moments from Rolling Loud 2017


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

While 2017 marked the third year for Miami’s Rolling Loud music festival, this was the first year that the festival really skyrocketed to its elite status. Rivaling lineups from top tier festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, Rolling Loud put together arguably the greatest rap and hip-hop lineup in the history of music festivals. With top names in rap like Kendrick Lamar, Future, Lil Wayne, Migos and Travis Scott and emerging stars like Jazz Cartier, XXXTentacion, 21 Savage and more, everyone in attendance this past weekend saw 3-days of amazing performances that they will not soon forget.

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Rolling Loud Day 2 In Photos: Kendrick Lamar, XXXTentacion, Joey Bada$$ & More


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

As expected, King Kendrick killed it tonight for the sold out crowd at Rolling Loud 2017. With headlining sets from Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug, and supporting performances from other top names in rap, including Run The Jewels, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, as well as sets from emerging stars in the genre like Florida-native XXXTentacion, Jazz Cartier and Dreezy, the Miami festival continued to provide the best rap lineup in music festivals to date.

Check out our photos below, of what the second day of Rolling Loud had to offer this year. Tomorrow will mark the last day of the mega rap festival.

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Photos: Post Malone Brings The Hollywood Dreams Tour to Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Last night Post Malone brought The Hollywood Dreams and Monster Energy Outbreak Tour to Chicago’s Concord Music Hall. Traveling with rappers Jazz Cartier and Larry June, the huge tour comes with some of the best emerging names in rap today.

Up first for the night was Bay Area rapper, Larry June. Performing a number of records from his new Cookin Soul collaborative mixtape, Orange Season, June is still introducing himself to many, but he certainly set the mood for the night and picked up some new fans in Chicago with his opening set. Next up was Toronto native, and one of the best emerging rappers today, Jazz Cartier. With one of the more slept on mixtapes of the past year, with Hotel Paranoia, Cartier is not one to ignore. Last night’s performance included cuts from the new tape, his 2015 project Marauding in Paradise, and more, Cartier had an energy filled set that fans won’t soon forget. If you want to read more on Cartier, check out our 2015 interview with Cartier here.

Moments later, it was time for Post Malone to greet the Chicago crowd for his headlining performance. Opening his set with his track ‘White Iverson’, a record which quickly made Post a household name in rap music, the crowd instantly went wild, singing every word to the addictive track. Malone then followed with his fan favorite song, ‘Too Young’, a track dedicated to rappers and artists everywhere who leave the world far too soon. And while fans are still awaiting Post Malone’s forthcoming debut album, Stoney, Post Malone’s set included performances from his 2016 mixtape, August 26th, his new single and Justin Bieber collaboration, ‘Deja Vu’, and more. 

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Stoney is expected to release sometime this year, and of the most exciting tracks on the LP will be Post’s collab with Pharrell, which we witnessed the birth of months ago at Bonnaroo. While we were awaiting Post’s Tennessee performance this past summer, fans in attendance included Odd Future’s The Internet, Miguel and none other than Skateboard P himself. Pharrell and Post instantly linked up on-site, which then led to a collaboration, which fans will hear soon.

Post Malone’s breakout record ‘White Iverson’ released only a year ago, and since its release we have seen Post perform four times, and each time he improves on his stage presence. Post has had a swagger and confidence from the beginning, but with more experience and more songs under his belt, his live shows benefit as a result. If you get the opportunity, definitely do yourself a favor and catch a Post Malone performance.

Check out our photos from yesterday’s show below and make sure get your tickets to a tour stop near you at PostMalone.com.

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Post Malone to Headline Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with Jazz Cartier and Larry June


Post Malone
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

After supporting Fetty Wap on the most recent Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, rapper Post Malone will now be headlining the tour’s new run and he is bringing some talented artists with him. Kicking off next month, on September 14th in San Diego, Post Malone, Jazz Cartier and Larry June will be hitting a number of stops throughout North America until the tour concludes November 9th in Los Angeles.

Post killed it in support of Fetty Wap last time around (peep our photos here), so you can definitely expect the same and even more now that the ‘White Iverson’ rapper/singer has since released his debut mixtape, August 26th. Tickets for the forthcoming tour go on sale for the general public on Friday, August 12th at noon (local time), so be sure to get your tickets at PostMalone.com, because they will definitely sell out fast.

Check out the tour dates for the upcoming Monster Energy Outbreak Tour below.

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Jazz Cartier Shares Tracklist for Forthcoming Album


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

It hasn’t been long since Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier blessed fans with his acclaimed 2014 project, Marauding In Paradise. Lucky for those same fans though, the rapper’s forthcoming album isn’t long away, as Cartier shared the tracklist for his next LP today. Produced entirely by Lantz, and with an expected release in February, Cartier’s next project will feature his previously released tracks ‘Opera’, ‘Tales’ and ‘Stick & Move’, as well 13 additional records. If his new tracks and last project are a good indication of what to expect from this album, this certainly won’t be an album to sleep on, and it just may be one of the better projects of the year.

Check out Cartier’s tracklist below!

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The Top 30 Tracks of 2015


Top 30 Tracks of 2015

Narrowing down 365 days of great music to a list of 30 records is near impossible, but we figured it out! With a lot of amazing tracks not making the cut, we have put together our list of the 30 best tracks of this past year. From epic collaborations to Soundcloud released diss records, our list has a little bit of everything. A few veterans dominated our list this year, but a lot of emerging artists found spots high on our list as well. We won’t spoil too much for you, check out the Top 30 Tracks of 2015 below and send us a tweet @TheEarlyReg to tell us what you think!

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The Top 30 Albums of 2015


The Top 30 Albums of 2015

Following an arguably weak year for albums, 2015 has seen a lot of great projects and many unexpected ones as well. While this year we saw the highly anticipated return of Adele, patient fans are still awaiting Frank Ocean’s sophomore album and Kanye West’s Swish. But where Frank and Kanye have left music fans hanging, new comers like Bryson Tiller, Alessia Cara, GoldLink, BOOTS, Halsey and more have put out some great albums to help kick off their relatively young careers. 2015 though was also a great year for some heavyweights, of course we’re referring to artists like Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and even pop superstars like One Direction and Justin Bieber. In just one day, November 13th, the music world saw more great releases than it did in a span of months in 2014. Cheers to hoping 2016 delivers as well as 2015 did!

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Riot Fest (Chicago) Day 3 in Photos: Taking Back Sunday, New Politics, Jazz Cartier & More


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Yesterday capped off another successful year of Lollapalooza’s evil step-brother, Chicago’s Riot Fest. With headlining performances from Modest Mouse and Snoop Dogg and some great sets from New Politics, Kongos, Jazz Cartier and more, fans definitely got their money’s worth. And if all of the above wasn’t enough, Taking Back Sunday even treated fans to a surprise performance mid-day, at one of the festival’s smallest stages.

Check out our photos below, of what Day 3 of Riot Fest (Chicago) had to offer in 2015.

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Interview: Jazz Cartier Talks Marauding In Paradise, Live Show, and New Music


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

You probably don’t know a whole lot about 22-year old Jazz Cartier, and that’s by design. His presence in music seemingly cumulated at light-speed after the release of his aggressive and poignant debut project, Marauding In Paradise, an intricate and tightly-bound sixteen track free album that explores the ideas of being youthful and comfortably close to death within the confines of Downtown Toronto, and, a record that was brought to life in a festival setting for the first time last weekend in Squamish. Sonically, Jazz is able to find an anomalous balance between poetic, love driven lyrics over electronic sounds as well as maddening words placed upon bass-heavy trap bangers, courtesy of his in house producer, Micheal Lantz. The result is equal parts deafening and touching, as Jazz embraces the schizophrenic tendencies of his true self playing a scorned lover at one moment, and an unhinged street-rat the next. 

Although there’s beauty and profoundness in Jazz’s reflective tendencies on Marauding in Paradise, it’s that latter, more ignorant side of Jazz’s music that fans come to see. Squamish Valley Music Festival might have only given him 30 minutes, but there were plenty of people walking away saying it was the best set of the weekend. If multiple pits weren’t organically opening up before the drops on songs, Jazz was orchestrating the crowd himself, and even leaping into the crowd to be apart of it all. “That aggression, that vibe, it all came from the studio,” Jazz explains. “When me and Lantz make songs of that caliber, we just try to capture that vibe first”.

Jazz’s studio process is not one that’s manufactured towards any certain feeling or sound, though. As I ask about what really goes into a regular studio session for him and his right hand, Michael Lantz, he makes it clear that it starts as more of an organic relationship as opposed to a  synthetic, work-based one. “We’re usually in the studio everyday, and it starts with him asking me how i’m doing and me asking him how he’s doing,” he says. Jazz then outlines a somewhat unorthodox and interesting method of working between him and Lantz where based on the mood and Jazz’s own specific feelings or emotions, Lantz will cater his production and beat selection towards aligning his own sounds with whatever is going on in Jazz’s head. “That’s where a lot of that aggressiveness comes from, just being inside and being cooped up with these cold ass beats. It almost brings it out of you,” Jazz reveals.

You wouldn’t know it from sitting across from him, but Jazz never had a reason to leave his hometown prior to music. “Before tours, i’d never left Toronto,” he says after i’d asked him if he’d visited Vancouver before. “Now i’m finally becoming a full-Canadian”. Jazz’s extreme devotion to his city is something that is alluded to frequently in his music and is a result of not knowing any other circumstance. He’s also got moments in his music where he questions the credibility and merits of his fellow Toronto artists, most notably on ‘The Downtown Cliche’, where Jazz scorns those within his city who claim the glory and spoils of a downtown lifestyle without actually living it. Jazz raps, “n*ggas created a dream, within a city where I’m never sleeping”, and continually fact-checks those who have to drive into Downtown Toronto to experience it, rather than Jazz who hasn’t left.

This dynamic Jazz plays within his city intrigues me, not just in a personal, living space, but within the music as well. Jazz Cartier is hands down one of the most popular up and coming artists out of Toronto, but is in no way affiliated with the biggest imprint out of that city, OVO Sound. That might not sound like much, but the reality is, when people not from Toronto talk about the city’s uprising and new sound, very few mention an artist that isn’t signed or affiliated with Drake and his label. “I’m not expecting anything from anybody, and when Drake was coming up, he wasn’t expecting anything from anybody as well. When Drake came up, there was no Drake,” says Jazz, revelling in his autonomy.  Jazz’s pride and sense of independence in the game is not only a dismissal of the perceived gatekeepers and tastemakers of his city, but it also evokes this emotion and energy that Jazz and his team don’t owe anybody but themselves for their success.

Jazz Cartier is doing pretty damn good on his own, though, as the Polaris Prize-nominated project Marauding in Paradise is without a doubt one of the strongest and boldest releases of 2015 thus far. With the benefits of retrospect, Jazz is able to reflect positively on his first impressions on the world. “It was me being as personal as possible, letting out my frustrations and not hiding anything. There is an art behind it. I’m just trying to not cater to anyone and just make the best music possible,” he says.  The music backs it up, too. Nothing on Paradise sounds forced or manufactured, and it’s free-flowing and personable in the best ways. “First impressions are everything. I just feel like personality goes a long way,” reflects Jazz.

But, Jazz also makes it clear to me that we might not have to wait too long for more music, as he passively mentions the existence of a completed, free body of work that he’s sitting on. “The second project is already done. I can press the button whenever, you know what i’m saying?” As I poke and prod, Jazz remains tight-lipped about the sonics and lyrical content of this next project, only using one word to describe it: “progression”. We’ll take it, Jazz.