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The Top 30 Albums of 2015


The Top 30 Albums of 2015

Following an arguably weak year for albums, 2015 has seen a lot of great projects and many unexpected ones as well. While this year we saw the highly anticipated return of Adele, patient fans are still awaiting Frank Ocean’s sophomore album and Kanye West’s Swish. But where Frank and Kanye have left music fans hanging, new comers like Bryson Tiller, Alessia Cara, GoldLink, BOOTS, Halsey and more have put out some great albums to help kick off their relatively young careers. 2015 though was also a great year for some heavyweights, of course we’re referring to artists like Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and even pop superstars like One Direction and Justin Bieber. In just one day, November 13th, the music world saw more great releases than it did in a span of months in 2014. Cheers to hoping 2016 delivers as well as 2015 did!

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The Top 10 Releases of January 2015


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

This year, January was jam packed with great releases from a variety of artists. Some came to us as a surprise, others beating expectations, and some just simply getting it right. Check out some of the best releases the month of January had to offer.

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Album Review: Vulnicura | Björk


Love is a universal subject. It’s a feeling that nearly everyone in the world has felt at some point. Love is also extremely complex, as its a feeling that also encompasses many others. Regret, happiness, lust, and many others. The feeling this album is going for is heartbreak. Vulnicura is Björk taking her breakup with long-time partner and artist Matthew Barney, and studying and evaluating what went wrong. With this concept at hand, Björk crafts her best album in over a decade.

The album starts off with the impactful ‘Stonemilker’, solely produced and composed by Björk, that tells the listener right away what they are getting themselves into. In the album’s inserts, the subtitle of ‘Stonemilker’ reads “9 months before.” Assumingly, this song was written 9 months before her breakup. Right away though, it is established in the lyrics that something is not right with this relationship Björk is in. There’s something that needs fixing, but her partner does not want to even attempt to figure out what’s wrong.

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7 Remixes Better Than the Actual Song


Courtesy of YouTube

Sometimes certain songs need a re-visit for us to appreciate them a little bit more. Here we’ve compiled some remixes of songs that we found to be just a little bit better than the original.

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