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The Top 10 Releases of January 2015


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

This year, January was jam packed with great releases from a variety of artists. Some came to us as a surprise, others beating expectations, and some just simply getting it right. Check out some of the best releases the month of January had to offer.

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Album Review: Vulnicura | Björk


Love is a universal subject. It’s a feeling that nearly everyone in the world has felt at some point. Love is also extremely complex, as its a feeling that also encompasses many others. Regret, happiness, lust, and many others. The feeling this album is going for is heartbreak. Vulnicura is Björk taking her breakup with long-time partner and artist Matthew Barney, and studying and evaluating what went wrong. With this concept at hand, Björk crafts her best album in over a decade.

The album starts off with the impactful ‘Stonemilker’, solely produced and composed by Björk, that tells the listener right away what they are getting themselves into. In the album’s inserts, the subtitle of ‘Stonemilker’ reads “9 months before.” Assumingly, this song was written 9 months before her breakup. Right away though, it is established in the lyrics that something is not right with this relationship Björk is in. There’s something that needs fixing, but her partner does not want to even attempt to figure out what’s wrong.

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