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Lollapalooza Photo Series: Tyler The Creator


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

This month we wrapped up our second straight year at Lollapalooza. And while we already shared some of our favorite moments from the Windy City festival, we wanted to share more photos of some of our favorite performers at Lolla this year. In total we saw a number of great performances from The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Metallica, Kid Cudi, Paul McCartney, A$AP Rocky and Marina and the Diamonds, just to name a few.

Check out our tenth Lollapalooza Photo Series piece of Tyler The Creator’s performance.

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Odd Future’s The Internet Announces Massive Fall Tour in Support of Ego Death Album


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

If you haven’t checked out The Internet’s new album, Ego Death, do yourself a favor and give it a listen (and give our review a read as well). And in support of their new LP, the group will be traveling the country on a massive tour this fall. Kicking off at the El Rey in Los Angeles, The Internet will be hitting stops in Chicago, DC, New York, Canada, and more, until they close their tour off at Odd Future and Tyler The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival this October. If you are a fan of their album, which you should be, you will definitely want to get your tickets now!

Check out The Internet’s tour dates below.
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Photos: Tyler The Creator Performs at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Before he brought his energetic performance to the Lollapalooza stage this past weekend, Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator performed a more intimate (but equally wild) set at the Concord Music Hall for an Official Afterparty of Lollapalooza 2015. With an opening performance from the uber talented band, BADBADNOTGOOD, Tyler (alongside Taco and Jasper) gave the Windy City fan’s their money’s worth. Not only did Tyler perform a number of tracks from his latest LP Cherry Bomb, but he performed a number of mixtape records for his day one fans. And if you missed out, don’t worry! Tyler will be back in Chicago with A$AP Rocky in September at the Aragon Ballroom (get your tickets Friday).

Check our more photos, from our photographer Dan Garcia, below.

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Listen to Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G’s Unreleased 2009 Track ‘FUK IT’


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Earlier today, Odd Future’s Mike G (one of the group’s most underrated members) shared a old collaboration with fellow OFWGKTA member Earl Sweatshirt. What’s most interesting about this record, is that the track dates back all the way to 2009. You can noticeably tell the difference in the young rappers’ voices but the track, titled ‘FUK IT’, is still fire. We wonder what other Odd Future unreleased tracks are out there.

Stream ‘FUK IT’ below.

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Is Frank Ocean About to Premiere New Music in the Upcoming Movie ‘Southpaw’? [UPDATED]


Photo by Blake Ponto/HYPETRAK
Photo by Blake Ponto/HYPETRAK

A new Jake Gyllenhaal boxing-themed blockbuster is about to hit theatres on July 24th, but something else even more exciting might be coming our way along with the film.

On the website ‘Letterboxd’, users are able to post reviews for films and filmmaker and reviewer James Healey posted  some very interesting information not only regarding the film, but about a new Frank Ocean song that appears at the end of the film. Read his review below.

“Southpaw is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal, giving a heart breaking performance. The film is very depressing and a bit manipulative, but overall incredibly touching and made me cry a lot. The plot is formulaic and predictable at times but still enjoyable. Use of color during matches is fucking beautiful. The action is so good, POV shots look so fucking cool. The worst thing Southpaw does is HEAVILY over scoring, but at least there is a new Frank Ocean song at the end.

Wait, what?! Healey might have just informed the world that new music from the one and only Frank Ocean is included in the film, which means that either a new song is going to be exclusively premiered in the film, or, we might even get new music before then and the usage of the song would be used promotionally. Frank Ocean has already teased new music coming this month with a photo he posted on his website back in April with the hashtags underneath it reading “#ALBUM3” and “#JULY2015”.

The music for the film has already been well publicized due to Eminem and Shady Records executive producing it, but a new Frank Ocean track would only add to the hype. Whatever it is, any news regarding new music from Frank Ocean is good news, and we’ve never been more ready.

Peep the trailer for ‘Southpaw’ below, in theatres July 24.

UPDATE: It seems as though the Frank Ocean track included in the movie may be the previously released “Wiseman”. Check out the tweet below.

Album Review: Ego Death | The Internet

Ego Death

The Internet has always tried to be ambitious and creative, but to their plight, it hasn’t always worked for them. Their debut, Purple Naked Ladies saw an effective and refreshing outlook on synth-funk and R&B but ultimately sank due to Syd’s uninspired vocal moments and the lacklustre song structure. Feel Good, their sophomore release, was a wholesome attempt at truly embodying a band, and they may have had a couple home runs with certain singles, but ultimately the album’s “experimentation” just made for some stale, humdrum album filler. But throughout these records and the various loosies, features and EP’s in between, there has always been promise. The band, lead by Matt Martians and his animated chord-based production has  generally been impressive and came into their own when they toured with Mac Miller, subsequently producing a stellar live album Live From Space that breathed new life into Mac’s album Watching Movies With the Sound Off and live albums as a whole. Syd, too, has always had a tremendously flavourful and awe-inspiring voice, one that is equal parts sweet and raspy, and one that can fluctuate between an array of ranges. With their latest colourful record, Ego Death, The Internet has not only finally found a sweet-spot, but it’s also found an identity—one far from the realms of being just an Odd Future spawn band.

Instead, Ego Death places The Internet in the frontrunners of pop-R&B contention by reaching into the corners of funk and fusion-jazz. ‘Special Affair’ is a great example, one that sports a weighty bass-line driving sweet and sultry vocals as Syd tempts and seduces a subject of her choosing. ‘Under Control’ flutters along with thin, bouncing drum patterns and a very jazzy guitar riff and dancing clavs. Syd shines again with a choppy, conversational flow that employs a very matter-of-fact storytelling style that is bold yet compelling. Even the album intro, ‘Get Away’ wastes no time getting into the nitty-gritty of this new, sexy, coarse Internet that lends a hand to early Pharrell songwriting styles—the ‘Frontin’ kind that seductively begged for female energy. It’s the execution of these styles that the Internet would have been troubled with previously, but Syd has seemingly found a pocket on every track here with the band rarely missing a step.

The features aren’t to shabby either—the Vic Mensa flanked ‘Go With It’ sees Vic flowing continuously, de-railing and offbeat at times but ultimately thriving over the funky beat before Syd comes in to croon infectiously like she does. ‘Girl’ hits a little deeper and with a different wobble courtesy of Kaytranada spinning a new direction on The Internet’s funk. Syd rides the beat and is able to churn out a refreshing, spacy cut that is perfect for midnight seduction, or an H&M commercial. The legendary, Dungeon Family-approved queen Janelle Monáe lends her voice to a rockier, contagious groove in ‘Gabby’—easily one of the brightest, inspiring, and enjoyable moments on the album. ‘Palace/Curse’ features Tyler, the Creator’s new found knack for runs and melodies he toyed with on Cherry Bomb, while Tyler also narrates a house party in a very fun and retro fashion. It’s ambitious and it pays off, serving as a daring and brazen outRo.

Even though you can guess that Syd is crooning romance-fuelled lullabies on every track, the substance here is not ankle-deep. Tracks are subject to burst into different melodies and runs just before they expire, and Syd is also prone to appear flawed and vulnerable showing every angle of lust and desire, and even the self-destructive tendencies that come with these sentiments. At it’s core, Ego Death maintains the balance of having catchy pop melodies equipped with personable and relatable lyrics that open up a little more of Syd’s personal emotions rather than flaunting surface level songwriting as if it was profound. The Internet bask and roll in erotica, while playing with influences that stretch from The Neptunes to D’Angelo, all with a modern and current exterior.

Ego Death is spunky and spirited, and ultimately is the best project The Internet has ever put out. It glows and thrives throughout, and is surprisingly striking without a bland moment in between. If you’re a fan of instrumentation, the beats here are rich enough to keep you guessing and more than entertained—and if you’re a fan of old-fashioned melody, Syd has never been more excellent at treading the lines of moody and relatable, all while being inexplicably erotic. Long gone are the days of The Internet awkwardly trying to carve a place for themselves in modern R&B, as with Ego Death, they have swooped in and snatched their own spot among music’s elite—and they probably snatched your girl, too.


Songs of the Week ft. Spooky Black, Ed Sheeran & More


Songs of the Week

These are the highlights of this past week in music! Hopefully you can bump these tracks on your way to work to brighten up your Monday mornings, and to stay up-to-date on today’s music.

This week we have a track from Corbin (formerly Spooky Black) and Bobby Raps, a new Tidal-exclusive record form Lil Wayne, a track from Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats, and a Fetty Wap cover from Ed Sheeran.


Hodgy Beats – “ISWEARHB”


Photo by Roger Kisby

Don’t worry, Odd Future didn’t actually break up (well not really), and here is some new OFWGKTA for you, this time from Hodgy Beats. The new autotuned record, titled ‘ISWEARHB’ has an epic team of producers, with production from Young Chop, Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital. Check it out for yourself, you don’t need the producer tags and drops to tell that three of music’s hottest producers played a role in this beat.

Listen to ‘ISWEARHB’ below.

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Tyler The Creator Announces That Odd Future Is “No More”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

“Although its no more, those 7 letters are forever,” tweet Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator tonight. Is Odd Future (“OFWKTA”), which consists of Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco and many more, really done? As suggested by Tyler’s tweet, it must be. If so though, what exactly does that mean? Odd Future isn’t like One Direction, as in it’s not a group/bank that always and only travels together. It’s a collective of artists, each with their own visions and specific styles. Tyler the Creator does his thing. Frank Ocean does his thing. Earl Sweatshirt does his thing. And the rest of Odd Future does their thing as well. So while we don’t exactly know what the end of OFWGKTA means, this certainly wasn’t a good tweet to read!

Check out Tyler’s heartbreaking tweet below.

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Earl Sweatshirt Releases New Song/EP, “solace”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

A new surprise album from Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt wasn’t enough for you? Well don’t worry because Earl has given fans even more music, this time by dropping a 10-minute long track/EP, titled ‘solace’. Sweatshirt spoke about solace in an interview with NPR and said the project was for his mother. In the YouTube description, Earl describes the track/EP as “music from when i hit the bottom and found something.” Do yourself a favor and check it out now!

Listen to ‘solace’ below and check out our recent photos from Earl’s “Not Redy 2 Leave” tour.

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