Is Frank Ocean About to Premiere New Music in the Upcoming Movie ‘Southpaw’? [UPDATED]


Photo by Blake Ponto/HYPETRAK
Photo by Blake Ponto/HYPETRAK

A new Jake Gyllenhaal boxing-themed blockbuster is about to hit theatres on July 24th, but something else even more exciting might be coming our way along with the film.

On the website ‘Letterboxd’, users are able to post reviews for films and filmmaker and reviewer James Healey posted  some very interesting information not only regarding the film, but about a new Frank Ocean song that appears at the end of the film. Read his review below.

“Southpaw is going to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal, giving a heart breaking performance. The film is very depressing and a bit manipulative, but overall incredibly touching and made me cry a lot. The plot is formulaic and predictable at times but still enjoyable. Use of color during matches is fucking beautiful. The action is so good, POV shots look so fucking cool. The worst thing Southpaw does is HEAVILY over scoring, but at least there is a new Frank Ocean song at the end.

Wait, what?! Healey might have just informed the world that new music from the one and only Frank Ocean is included in the film, which means that either a new song is going to be exclusively premiered in the film, or, we might even get new music before then and the usage of the song would be used promotionally. Frank Ocean has already teased new music coming this month with a photo he posted on his website back in April with the hashtags underneath it reading “#ALBUM3” and “#JULY2015”.

The music for the film has already been well publicized due to Eminem and Shady Records executive producing it, but a new Frank Ocean track would only add to the hype. Whatever it is, any news regarding new music from Frank Ocean is good news, and we’ve never been more ready.

Peep the trailer for ‘Southpaw’ below, in theatres July 24.

UPDATE: It seems as though the Frank Ocean track included in the movie may be the previously released “Wiseman”. Check out the tweet below.

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