Hopsin Talks Rappers’ Images with Hot 97, Calls Childish Gambino a “Flip Flop Rapper”


Courtesy of MTV

It should never come to anyone’s surprise when Hopsin calls out another rapper. This time around, Hopsin sent shots at (Donald Glover) Childish Gambino during his new interview with Ebro and Laura Stylez on Hot 97. However, to be fair, Hopsin wasn’t overtly disrespectful to his rap peers this time at least. When talking about rappers and their strategic styles and images, Hopsin said:

“Childish Gambino, no disrespect to him at all, but he has a style, I’ve seen interviews and just the way he carries himself is very chill. He looks like he is just going to take the trash out in his house… (Childish Gambino) is smart enough to understand, ‘this is what I’m going to be.'” and “Okay, I’m (Childish) gonna be flip flop rapper.”

Referring to Ebro’s jokes towards Gambino’s way, about literally wearing flip flops on stage, Hopsin was referring to Gambino’s images, as opposed to flip-flopping and 180ing on certain things. Glover may not want to be labelled a “flip flop rapper”, but seeing Hopsin not go out of his way to diss another rapper (especially when Hot 97 was baiting for it) was quite surprising.

Watch Hopsin’s interview with Hot 97 below.


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