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Album Review: Thank Your Lucky Stars | Beach House

Thank Your Lucky Stars

It’s safe to say the one of modern indie music’s most consistent groups has been generous to music geeks and listeners this year. Beach House have always been this way, releasing albums on a basis that doesn’t force listeners to wait too long and which always delivers great reception and critical acclaim. The true triumph of this is how they stay consistent to their sound while changing it just slightly enough that they are unique in their own right. Not too long ago they came out with the incredible Depression Cherry, an album that showed a darker, more cerebral, and romantically distraught side of a band known to get lost in a fever dream of love. What separated that album from their other albums, particularly Teen Dream and Bloom, was how it showed the band coming down to earth and coming to terms with reality without losing their otherworldly aura. Yet less than two months after that release Beach House are back with another album Thank Your Lucky Stars, and while people would like to be quick to point out that it’s a companion piece or a series of b-sides and extra studio tracks from the Depression Cherry recording sessions, it’s actually a separate album in its own right. It also happens to be one that stands out very well in its own right throughout it’s nearly 41 minute span.

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The Top 10 Albums To Get You Through The Fall


808s & Heartbreak

The fall is a lot of things for many different people. For some, it’s cuddling season and for others, it’s the time of year where the sadness begins to crawl from it’s pit and threatens to drag everyone down with it. I won’t comment on which of these position I find myself in, but what I will do, however, is provide you with just the right soundtrack to get you through these next few months.

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Album Review: Depression Cherry | Beach House

Depression Cherry

Infinite joy without the truth of reality is unrealistic, and while not necessarily a bad trait, after a while it can get tiring and can be hard to relate to. Sometimes it takes an artist to somehow reach into the listener’s life to truly touch them. This may be through a specific lyric, a certain sample that invokes intense emotions, or even a slight nuance that while hidden may truly make a large difference. The harsh realness of life is what makes Depression Cherry so unique, the sound of Beach House waking up after a long daydream while still maintaining an ethereal aura. One thing intriguing with this album is how well it serves as a companion piece to their previous two albums Teen Dream and Bloom. While it stands very well on its own, Depression Cherry carries additional depth to uncover through context. If those previous two records reflected upon the joy of experiencing a crush and being in love with the idea of love, Depression Cherry goes into a much darker realm created by the tragic mess of rejection and losing touch.

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