5 Frank Ocean Songs To Last You Until “Boys Don’t Cry” Drops Friday

Thinkin Bout You

Although an artist’s biggest commercial hit and biggest radio record can often turn off their biggest fans, such is not the case with ‘Thinkin Bout You’. The record saw a great amount of success and to date it is Frank Ocean’s biggest hit, but it is all deserved. The track didn’t see its success because it is “radio friendly” or poppy, rather the song was just too good not to be a hit. Whether you’re Frank Ocean’s biggest fan or just a casual fan, you love ‘Thinkin Bout You’. More so than most tracks, the song showcases both Ocean’s beautiful vocals and his talented songwriting skills, the two most things that make Ocean such a standout in the R&B world even today, four years after the release of his last project.




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