5 Frank Ocean Songs To Last You Until “Boys Don’t Cry” Drops Friday

American Wedding

Although ‘American Wedding’ is certainly one of Frank’s B-Side records, it is also one of his best, but not without its fair share of controversy. Long after the release of Frank Ocean’s breakout mixtape, nostalgia, ULTRA, which was released online for free, grumpy Eagles’ frontman Don Henley made headlines by complaining over ‘American Wedding”s unauthorized use of The Eagle’s classic record, ‘Hotel California’.

Although Ocean never made a penny off the use of ‘Hotel California”s instrumental, since ‘American Wedding’ was never sold to fans, and although Ocean was clearly not claiming to have produced the instrumental, Henley was still upset, threatened legal action and called Ocean a “talentless prick”. While Henley has co-signed various direct covers of his classic record, Ocean’s use of the track is especially creative (if you ask anyone but Don Henley) as he flips the lyrics and sings a beautiful story about modern day love in America. You won’t hear ‘American Wedding’ performed live again how it was originally recorded, but either way it is one of our favorite Frank Ocean songs to date.



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