5 Frank Ocean Songs To Last You Until “Boys Don’t Cry” Drops Friday


Photo by Terry Richardson

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated and long-awaited sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry, is reported expected to release this Friday, August 5th, via an exclusive deal with Apple Music and music fans everywhere could not be more excited. After failed expected release after failed expected release, with most of our hopes going down after this past July passed with no new music from Ocean, this time it finally looks like the moment we’ve all been waiting for is upon us.

And to be fair to Frank Ocean, it’s not just the time that has passed by since his 2012 debut, channel ORANGE, rather it’s the fact that the ‘Swim Good’ singer skyrocketed as the new face of R&B with his debut mixtape, and with channel ORANGE he put out one of the most critically acclaimed debut LPs in R&B, perhaps of all time. Whether we had to wait four years or four months, any amount of time seemed too long to wait and see how he answers to the critical success of his 2012 album.

So with August 5th just a few days away, we are certainly down the home stretch, but as we all set our Google News alerts and stay glued to Apple Music, these next few days will go by slow, so we have made a list of 5 Frank Ocean songs to get you through these next 3 days.


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