The History and Effectiveness of Lil B’s Based Curse

The Curse Today (James Harden)

That brings us to now. Just a few days ago the curse was gifted to another NBA player, James Harden. Lil B is upset and looking for answers after witnessing Harden’s celebratory ‘dance’ – if you could call it that. The move looks like he is stirring a pot that could be filled with any number of things.

Lil B had a very similar if not identical move himself and wants an explanation from Harden as to where it originated. As for now, the curse is just a warning. But, things could progress very quickly and follow a similar path to Kevin Durant’s if Harden doesn’t come forward and address Lil B’s concerns. Who knows, maybe Harden is stirring a magical potion in his celebratory pot that wards off curses? Only time will tell. But it doesn’t look good, despite a big night from Harden, his Rocket’s are getting smoked by Lil B’s hometown team, the Golden State Warriors. And to make things more interesting, The Based God will be at the game tonight!


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