The History and Effectiveness of Lil B’s Based Curse

Kevin Durant (The Curse Moves to the NBA)

Courtesy of Fox Sports

Looking to get a second helping of demise in 2011, Lil B unleashed his curse after he was targeted, again on Twitter, by Kevin Durant. Apparently, his music was so bad that KD’s brain literally would not let him listen to it.

KD Tweet

True or not, the rapper heard about the ball player’s hearing issues and said he would be open to settling it on the court. KD agreed to the match, which to this day has never happened and it led to the first time the curse had ever been acknowledged in a visible form.

The curse was cast and the course of Durant’s career would be forever altered. That night, the Thunder lost to the Mavericks in the Finals. And that was only the beginning. During the next season, Durant and the Thunder made it to Finals, pitted against the Miami Heat who had previously received the Based God’s blessing. Like the season before, they ended up losing. Many attributed the loss to the damning curse.

A few years later in early 2014, the beef with KD was having a ripple-effect of sorts on Lil B’s conscience and he decided it was time to give Durant a free renewal of his gifted curse via a few tweets and a diss-song which by now is a clear favorite method of retaliation for the Based God. This season becomes one of familiarity for the Thunder as they lose in the finals again. Durant found that it was time to address the years of Twitter messages from Lil B supporters in regards to the curse. He himself seemed uncertain in its legitimacy and would later find himself in the hospital.

The beginning of 2015 rolled in and the news hit: Kevin Durant would be missing most of the 2015 season after the curse had become too much to bear and he would be undergoing an exorcism to release it. Okay, that’s not actually why Durant missed the season, it was due to a foot surgery he was going to have; but who’s to say it wasn’t the curse that fractured his foot?

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