The History and Effectiveness of Lil B’s Based Curse

“I’m The Bada$$” (Joey Bada$$)

Next up, we have a little beef that reared it’s head in the form of a single diss aimed at the Based God in 2013. The bar came off of Joey Bada$$’ single, “Survival Tactics”.

“They say hard work pays off / Well, tell the Based God don’t quit his day job.”

What ended up happening was a duo of diss-tracks being, “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job” by Bada$$ and “I’m The Bada$$” by Lil B. This curse was likely the least effective if we had to rank all the times Lil B was targeted by other rappers, which by now, has to be a record-setting number. However, Joey was met with such great backlash on the internet that he was forced to deactivate his Twitter (no one has fans like The Based God).

NEXT (James Harden)


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