The History and Effectiveness of Lil B’s Based Curse

“The Game Is Irrelevant, BASED GOD!”

About a year after the beef with Budden, Lil B found himself under a lot of heat for his album titled, I’m Gay. West Coast rapper, The Game, heard Lil B on Sorry 4 The Wait and from that, figured he had enough information to call him the wackest rapper of all time. Ouch. Being the positive spiritual guru-type he is, Lil B responded with respect to The Game and then called him irrelevant. That same month, The Game’s album The R.E.D. Album, only sold 98,000 copies in its first week (a major drop from his previous album’s opening week of 238,000). How bout the next album? 86,000. And the next? Only 33,000 copies. Could that be the curses doing?

NEXT (Kevin Durant)


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