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Premiere: Listen to Bloque’s New Track “Megan”, HAYAMI Mixtape Coming Friday



Earlier this year we premiered Bloque’s records ‘Chains‘ & ‘Purple‘, and today we have another premiere from the U.K. artist/producer, this time in support of his forthcoming mixtape, HAYAMI. Titled ‘Megan’, the new record gives people a window into the life of the emerging rapper. “Megan is the name of my car (laughs), but the song ‘Megan’ is really just a glimpse of my life, giving people an insight on where I come from,” Bloque told us. The lyrics keep with the record’s theme, taking listeners shotgun on a drive with Bloque. And if you like the production on this one, which is produced by StaticBeatz and BarNone, the two combined for another four tracks on Bloque’s upcoming project.

“Deep in the cut with no windows, hundred miles down on the ring road.”

Take a ride with Bloque on his new track ‘Megan’ below, and look out for his HAYAMI mixtape tomorrow!

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Premiere: Stream Hundo & Lumière’s “Understood EP”


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Atlanta’s Hundo joined forces with the Cleveland production duo Lumière to create the 3 song collaborative EP Understood. The project plays out as a 10 minute mix, including songs featuring Hundo’s vocals and instrumental interludes.

Stream the EP below.

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Premiere: Listen to Bloque’s New Track “Chains” ft. Kondey


Bloque - Chains

Earlier this month we premiered Bloque’s record ‘Purple‘, and today we have another premiere from the U.K. artist/producer. This track is titled ‘Chains’ and features Kondey, the newest member of Bloque’s ISFTW team (“I Say Fuck The World”). Like ‘Purple’, the new track is another great example of why U.K. rappers are starting to make a lot of noise in the U.S. and worldwide, and an example of why Bloque is getting some huge co-signs (The Game, Birdman).

‘Chains’, which officially releases tomorrow, at first catches your ears by its production alone. The wavy instrumental (produced by ISFTW’s LB) however is not the highlight of the record. Bloque through his verses, and Kondey on the hook, do their part to match the quality (and then some) of LB’s beat. “This song wasn’t meant for me, I kinda stole it,” Bloque tells us. “LB sent me the track with a verse and hook from Kondey for me to put a verse on it, but as soon as I heard it I wanted it to myself! I didn’t know what I was gonna do with it, but I knew it was gonna be some heat.”

“Chain represent “I did it”, tell me that you love me if you with it.” – Bloque (‘Chains’)

The highlight of the track comes in Bloque’s second verse, which speaks to the whole team of ‘Chains’. “Right now I’ve got a bit of a chain fetish so the song just ended up coming to me. To me chains are like a trophy, rather then use them to stunt on niggas I use mine to show me how far I’ve come, from gang banging once upon a time to making music full time.” If Bloque keeps this momentum, and keeps releasing records like ‘Chains’ and ‘Purple’, then you better bet on the trophies around his neck getting much bigger and much heavier in the near future!

Listen to Bloque’s new track ‘Chains’ below.

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Premiere: Listen to Bloque’s New Track “Purple”


Bloque - Purple

In the past few years, rap music has seen the “new music HUB” switch from place to place. First it was Chicago, then it was Atlanta, and now it’s…. the United Kingdom? That’s right. Americans and rap fans worldwide were sleeping on U.K. rap for far too long, but in the past few months U.K. rappers have been getting their proper recognition. Drake, Rick Ross and Kanye have been co-signing U.K. artists like Skepta and Wiley (just to name a few). And for many Americans, rappers from the United Kingdom are on their radar for the first time ever.

That brings us to Bloque, an artist/producer from Moss Side, Manchester. He is one of the emerging names out of the U.K. with the highest of potential, and already he has co-signs from artists like The Game and Birdman. His movement and team is “ISFTW” (“I Say Fuck The World”), and not only is his potential unmatched, but his work ethic is to the level that it’s just a matter of time before he attains a huge following from London to New York.

His new record, titled ‘Purple’, is hot! The track will officially release tomorrow, but we’re more than happy to share it a day in advance. The song tells us a story about drugs, but unlike most songs about drugs, this one is not from a first-hand perspective. “I don’t take drugs, never have but a lot of the women I’ve been with do, and when my brother (Ceezus) came to me with the beat everything just felt right to me,” Bloque tells us. And the beat? It’s produced by Ceezus, 1/2 of StaticBeatz, Bloque’s in-house production duo, and the way it complements Bloque’s vocals works especially well. And while the hook (which is sung by Bloque) is softer, Bloque goes hard in the verse, which makes for an interesting contrast.

“When she gets sniffin’, she told me that’s she so high there’s no ceilings. She use that weed smoke to hide from her demons. She told me she want to fuck with no feelings.”

Speaking on the record, Bloque told us “I ain’t really ever done a song like this before, like I can spit bars all day, I can sing all night, I can do them on the same song, but this song is different. The hook is so soft and the and the verse is so hard…I love that shit!” Bloque describes himself on ‘Purple’ as “somewhere between The Weeknd and Kendrick sprinkled with cocaine. [laughs]” We agree!

Listen to Bloque’s new track ‘Purple’ below.

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