Premiere: Listen to Bloque’s New Track “Chains” ft. Kondey


Bloque - Chains

Earlier this month we premiered Bloque’s record ‘Purple‘, and today we have another premiere from the U.K. artist/producer. This track is titled ‘Chains’ and features Kondey, the newest member of Bloque’s ISFTW team (“I Say Fuck The World”). Like ‘Purple’, the new track is another great example of why U.K. rappers are starting to make a lot of noise in the U.S. and worldwide, and an example of why Bloque is getting some huge co-signs (The Game, Birdman).

‘Chains’, which officially releases tomorrow, at first catches your ears by its production alone. The wavy instrumental (produced by ISFTW’s LB) however is not the highlight of the record. Bloque through his verses, and Kondey on the hook, do their part to match the quality (and then some) of LB’s beat. “This song wasn’t meant for me, I kinda stole it,” Bloque tells us. “LB sent me the track with a verse and hook from Kondey for me to put a verse on it, but as soon as I heard it I wanted it to myself! I didn’t know what I was gonna do with it, but I knew it was gonna be some heat.”

“Chain represent “I did it”, tell me that you love me if you with it.” – Bloque (‘Chains’)

The highlight of the track comes in Bloque’s second verse, which speaks to the whole team of ‘Chains’. “Right now I’ve got a bit of a chain fetish so the song just ended up coming to me. To me chains are like a trophy, rather then use them to stunt on niggas I use mine to show me how far I’ve come, from gang banging once upon a time to making music full time.” If Bloque keeps this momentum, and keeps releasing records like ‘Chains’ and ‘Purple’, then you better bet on the trophies around his neck getting much bigger and much heavier in the near future!

Listen to Bloque’s new track ‘Chains’ below.


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