Premiere: Listen to Bloque’s New Track “Megan”, HAYAMI Mixtape Coming Friday



Earlier this year we premiered Bloque’s records ‘Chains‘ & ‘Purple‘, and today we have another premiere from the U.K. artist/producer, this time in support of his forthcoming mixtape, HAYAMI. Titled ‘Megan’, the new record gives people a window into the life of the emerging rapper. “Megan is the name of my car (laughs), but the song ‘Megan’ is really just a glimpse of my life, giving people an insight on where I come from,” Bloque told us. The lyrics keep with the record’s theme, taking listeners shotgun on a drive with Bloque. And if you like the production on this one, which is produced by StaticBeatz and BarNone, the two combined for another four tracks on Bloque’s upcoming project.

“Deep in the cut with no windows, hundred miles down on the ring road.”

Take a ride with Bloque on his new track ‘Megan’ below, and look out for his HAYAMI mixtape tomorrow!


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