Festival Itinerary: Sasquatch 2015

Sunday, May 24

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

1:30 – After getting some rest from your epic Saturday night, you could probably head in the festival gates around 1:30. This will give you a good amount of time to again take in the festival and prepare yourself for Sunday’s top acts.

3:10 – Around 3:10 you will want to head over to the Sasquatch stage to catch Milky Chance’s set. Milky will perform a little under an hour, from 3:30 to 4:10. You can catch the entire set and still get to our next must-see Sunday performer, and with more than enough time.

4:10 – After Milky’s set you should probably get a refill on water and take some time to mingle. Then around 5 you will want to head back to the Sasquatch stage and get a nice spot to catch indie singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis’ performance. Jenny has an hour and a half time slot, and you will want to see every minute.

6:50 – The Sasquatch stage is really dominating Sunday because the next act you won’t want to miss is St. Vincent, also performing at the same stage that Milky and Jenny just rocked. St. Vincent without question is one of the best names on Sunday’s lineup, so don’t miss out. She’ll be performing from 7:15 to 8:15.

8:15 – Big surprise, the next big name is also performing at the Sasquatch stage. Hopefully you are still hydrated because you won’t want to lose your spot. Up next will be the beautiful and talented Lana Del Rey. Lana is our must see pick of the night, so as people leave their spot after St. Vincent’s set, take advance and get as close to the front as you possibly can. Lana will perform until 10:15.

10:15 – Finally you can leave the Sasquatch stage. But as soon as Lana is done, you will want to head over to El Chupacabra and catch the remainder of producer Cashmere Cat’s set. We saw him in Milwaukee this year and he did not disappoint, so we can only imagine the performance he will give for a festival crowd. Depending on your taste of music though, you can’t go wrong by catching James Blank instead. He will be performing the same time slot (10-11) but at the Bigfoot stage.

11:00 – After seeing James or Cashmere Cat, recharge on water and your energy and then head on back to the Sasquatch stage to see a headlining performance by Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters until they close out at 12:30. Then depending on how much energy you have left, you can’t go wrong by catching the last hour of SBTRKT’s set at the Bigfoot stage.



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