Festival Itinerary: Sasquatch 2015

Friday, May 22

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

3:30 – Get to the festival and soak it all in. Buy some merch, get a late lunch, make some friends, take some selfies and more. Also be sure to walk around and get familiar with the stages to make the rest of your weekend easier and listen to some emerging artists while you’re at it.

5:45 – Head over to the “Sasquatch” stage and get  a decent spot for The New Pornographers set at 6:05.

6:25 – If you’re a big New Pornographers fan, stay where you are and catch the rest of their set. If you like to laugh too, maybe cut out early and catch Brooks Wheelan’s (formerly of SNL) standup set at “El Chupacabra”. He goes until 7.

7:00 – After Brooks Wheelan you can refill on water, use the bathroom, but then you’ll want to head over to the Yeti stage to catch Bishop Nehru’s set. Bishop is a top underground MC and definitely a must see act for any hip-hop head.

8:05 – Skip the last couple of songs for Bishop’s set, because you will not want to miss the beginning of Action Bronson’s set. He kills it at festivals and you can expect him to perform a number of songs from his new debut album, Mr. WonderfulHis set (at the “Bigfoot” stage) is from 8:15 to 9:15.

9:15 – We recommend staying for all of Action’s set, but right away after you will want to head back to the Yeti stage to see Angel Olsen’s performance. She goes on until 10 so you still will be able to catch a good chunk of her performance.

10:00 – You may have to miss Of Monster and Men’s performance but after Angel Olsen, get something to eat and drink and then head over to Little Dragon’s set at the at the Bigfoot stage. They perform for an hour, so get hydrated but don’t miss out on too much of their set.

10:45 – Depending on how much of Little Dragon you want to see, DO NOT MISS the majority of Kaytranada’s hour and a half performance. Kaytranada is definitely on the come up and expect him to kill his set with some of his Vic Mensa collaborations.

11:45 – Again, get some water if you need it, but don’t waste time because you will want to see Sleater-Kinney’s set. It starts at 11, so you may miss some, but they perform until 12:30 so you’ll have time.

12:30 – After you see Sleater-Kinney at the Sasquatch stage, you have an hour to get over to the Bigfoot stage and catch some of Flume’s set. Flume is closing the festival on its opening night and performs until 1:30. Don’t miss out and when night one is over, get some rest.



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