Festival Itinerary: Sasquatch 2015

Saturday, May 23

Courtesy of Pigeons and Planes

1:45 – Hope you got some rest! To start off your Saturday at Sasquatch (after a good lunch of course), head over to the Sasquatch stage to see Benjamin Booker’s set from 2:05 to 2:50. After that, you will have a good hour to hang out until the next must-see performance.

3:45 Our top show for Saturday is also one of the earliest shows. So at 3:45 go to the Yeti stage and get a great spot for Raury’s set, which starts at 4 and runs until 4:45. Atlanta singer/rapper Raury is one of rap’s best emerging acts so you will definitely want to stay for all 45 minutes.

4:45 – After Raury’s set, conscious rap fans can get nostalgic by a set from ‘This Way’ rappers Dilated Peoples at the Bigfoot stage. The Kanye West affiliated rappers will certainly put on a memorable performance.

5:50 – As soon as Dilated Peoples end, The War on Drug begins. So either at 5:50 or at little earlier, you will want to head over to the Sasquatch stage for TWOD’s performance. They have an hour set, so we recommend seeing all of it!

6:50 – After The War on Drugs, and for a nice contrast, do yourself a favor and go see Chromeo’s set. Chromeo goes on from 7:15 to 8:15, and in our itinerary we made time for you to stay for the whole set. Don’t forget to get dinner and something to drink though!

8:15 – After Chromeo’s set you will have a bit of time to hang out, but soon after you will want to head over to The Decemberists’ set at the Sasquatch stage, it starts at 9:00. Get there on time because you may want to dip out early (for scheduling reasons).

9:50 – After a good chunk of The Decemberists’ performance you will want to rush over to Bigfoot for Father John Misty. He has an hour-long set and it runs from 10 to 11, don’t be surprised if he leaves you wanting to stay for all 60 minutes.

11:00 – The biggest act of the night, you will need to catch a good chunk of Modest Mouse’s set at Sasquatch. Modest is set to perform for an hour and a half, starting at 11. It will be more than packed, so stay safe!

12:30 – If you have any energy after seeing Modest Mouse live, you will still have an hour to see Spoon’s closing set. But if you aren’t down to Spoon until 1:30 (after the day you just had), we don’t blame you. Stay rested!


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