Festival Itinerary: Sasquatch 2015


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Is there a time of the year better than music festival season? We say no. And we just got even more excited for the upcoming season as Sasquatch! Music Festival announced their full schedule, as well as a few new additions to their lineup. This year Sasquatch takes places from Friday, May 22nd to Monday, May 25th at The Gorge in George, Washington. Fans will see performances from Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Modest Mouse, St. Vincent and more (get your tickets here).

The one downfall of any good music festival though is there are too many great sets to catch, with not enough time. If only we could be two (sometimes three) places at once. But now with the full schedule for Sasquatch available for music fans, we have compiled our suggested festival itinerary to help the Pacific Northwest plan out their full Sasquatch experience. Or if you prefer, create your own schedule at Sasquatch’s official website.

Check out first installment of our Festival Itinerary series at the jump.



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