Six Degrees: Lil B to Lana Del Rey


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

You would think since Lil B and Lana Del Rey are so different, that the two could never be connected. Wrong. Here at The Early Registration we like to pride ourselves on our music knowledge, to stay polished on our musical expertise our new feature is a little game of musical “6 Degrees”. For those who are unfamiliar, six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone in the world is connected by six or fewer steps, so we are now taking the liberty of connecting musicians by songs and features, who you would never think could be connected. Check out first piece below!

Lil B The Based God → Lana Del Rey


In 2010, Lil B did a very rare and based featured for former MTV star/rapper Andy Milonakis. Check out the video for the track, titled ‘Hoes on My D*ck’, which is full of cooking and classic like Lil B lines like “I look like Bill Gates, mixed with Obama.” Thank you based God. #LilBIsMyFriend2015


A couple years after pairing up with Lil B, Any Milonakis combined talents with Riff Raff and Dirty Nasty to form “Three Loco”. Although the group has since had a falling out, they did find time to film the video for their fan favorite song ‘We Are Farmers’, which samples the Farmers Group Insurance commercials. At the close of the video though comes a surprise verse from Mad Decent‘s head and mega-producer Diplo. The lyrics are “decent”, but Diplo’s flow could use some work.


I don’t care who says otherwise, M.I.A. is the greatest female rapper (and probably the greatest British rapper) of all-time. Although a couple other tracks (like ‘Bucky Done Gun’) gained her some hype, her track ‘Paper Planes’ really put M.I.A. on the map (shout out to the Pineapple Express trailer). And who was the production mastermind behind the track? None other than Mad Decent’s Diplo, who actually dated M.I.A. for 5-years.


When playing M.I.A.’s critically acclaimed album Kala, the track after her Diplo produced ‘Paper Planes’ is her song ‘Come Around’ which was made by another great producer, Timbaland. Check out ‘Come Around’ which Timbaland also gives a verse to (he raps a bit better than Diplo in ‘We Are Farmers’).


Timbaland is known for, among other things, his collaborations with Justin Timberlake. On JT’s latest efforts, The 20/20 Experience‘s second part, Timbaland of course played a big role. In promotion of the album, JT released his Timbaland produced remix for his track TKO, which recruited verses from J. Cole, Pusha T and that pretty mother f*cker, A$AP Rocky himself.


Although they have a song together (which hasn’t been formally released), A$AP Rocky got together with Lana Del Rey for Lana’s video for ‘National Anthem’. In the video, believe it or not, A$AP Rocky stars as John F. Kennedy Jr., while Lana of course plays the role of Jackie O. God Bless America and Lana.

And there we have it, Lil B is connected to Lana Del Rey. Be sure to Tweet us suggestions of who we should connect next time (@TheEarlyReg).


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