8 Local Joints We Learned About from Nardwuar Interviews

Sharpstown Mall

Rapper: Riff Raff

City: Houston, TX

Known for: Jewlery stores

Ever been to Sharpstown Mall in Southwest Houston, now called PlazAmericas? Remember that white guy who used to sell his CDs outside the mall? Well according to his interview with Nardwuar, that was none other than Mad Decent rapper Riff Raff. Also some of your favorite classic Riff Raff chains were likely made and purchased there.



Odyssey Records

Rapper: Lil Wayne

City: New Orleans, LA

Known for: Its role with Cash Money Records

Unfortunately the publicist from a Nardwuar interview and its long history in rap, was not able to keep Odyssey Records in business as it closed its doors in 2013. If you frequented the record store back in the day, you may have seen DJ Khaled playing records or Lil Wayne’s first encounter with Cash Money Founder, Baby, as Lil Wayne told Nardwuar.


Dick’s Drive-In

Rapper: Macklemore

City: Seattle, WA

Known for: “Cold cheeseburgers”

Just south of Nardwuars hometown of Vancouver, rests Macklemore’s stomping grounds in Seattle, WA. As discovered by the Nard, Macklemore once gave his whole crowd the D, by throwing out Dick’s burgers to concert goers. You can see Dick’s in the background of Sir Mix A Lot’s a “Posse on Broadway” video and as described by Ryan Lewis, “a cold cheeseburger (from Dick’s) is delicious.”

Feather-N-Fin Chicken & Seafood


Rapper: Pusha T

City: Norfolk, VA

Known for: Their boneless breast sandwich with cheese

Who could possible know Pusha T’s favorite place to eat in Virginia? Nardwuar, that’s who. As talked about in his interview with Nardwuar, Pusha T tells fans how they need to try the boneless breast sandwich with cheese at Norfolk’s Feather-N-Fin. According to Push, even if you don’t like cheese you will love this item. But don’t ask them for the recipe or try to buy their franchise to get it, as Pusha T tells us he has tried and failed.

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