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Late Pass: An Introduction to 16yrold


Producer ’16yrold’ is just getting started. After debuting his music on the internet only a year ago, he’s earned himself a following. Fans anticipate his regular stream of releases and collaborations with other producers and he’s satiated them, but now he’s doing something he’s never done before: release a formal project. At this point, he’s already met and began talks of collaborating with artists he was merely a fan of a few months ago, as well as gaining attention for his eclectic remixes- ranging from reworks of songs by Yung Lean to Willow Smith to a mash-up of “Club Goin’ Up on a Tuesday” and “The Piña Colada Song” (which is quite amazing). I spoke with him about his new EP with Divine, Slayer, as well as his collaborators and how he got into the music scene.

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Album Review: Unknown Memory | Yung Lean


Yung Lean first caught my attention upon randomly watching his video for ‘Hurt on YouTube. At least for me, it was a match made in heaven. What I saw was a 16 something year old kid who was rapping about Nintendo 64, Louie Vitton duffle bags full of heroin, Arizona Iced Tea, and feeling sad emotions over a cloud rap/ vaporwave beat. The visuals were nice too. One reason why I liked Yung Lean in the first place is because his music married trap with vaporware, a weird world filled with slowed down Muzak samples, 90s corporate nostalgia obsession, and absurd artwork.

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