Late Pass: An Introduction to 16yrold


Producer ’16yrold’ is just getting started. After debuting his music on the internet only a year ago, he’s earned himself a following. Fans anticipate his regular stream of releases and collaborations with other producers and he’s satiated them, but now he’s doing something he’s never done before: release a formal project. At this point, he’s already met and began talks of collaborating with artists he was merely a fan of a few months ago, as well as gaining attention for his eclectic remixes- ranging from reworks of songs by Yung Lean to Willow Smith to a mash-up of “Club Goin’ Up on a Tuesday” and “The Piña Colada Song” (which is quite amazing). I spoke with him about his new EP with Divine, Slayer, as well as his collaborators and how he got into the music scene.

Who are some of your influences? You’ve kind of created your own sound and lane for yourself and your collaborators and friends. (Divine, PearlWhite, Heart Eyes, and Emoji Muzik) seem to be apart of it in their own unique way.

Well, I like the fall. So, yeah. I don’t know, I like Fredo and Vivaldi.

That’s dope. Can you elaborate on how you got together with some of these guys and began making music and supporting each other through the internet?

Soundcloud, my brother. We just all started at the same time really, so we’re just trying to carry each other. It is all love.

That’s dope. Have you started to work with rappers now? I saw that Supa Bwe did a song over one of your joints but that beat was already out.

Yeah, I got a few shits dropping, my brother. I linked up with a nice producer who got connections.

I’ve seen you with Pouya and Robb Bank$. Did you get to talk music with them?

Yeah, Pouya knew my music already because of one of our homies. Pouya is cool and I fuck with him heavy. Robb  was cool, he told me to send him some shit. It was crazy as hell meeting them.

I remember when we first met, you showed me a lot of music that you’d listen to and Robb was one of those artists. It’s beautiful to see you go from just enjoying the music to being a part of it.

Life is crazy, brother. I just want to be secure someday. Hopefully, I’ll own a cabin by the time I’m 20.

You just redesigned your Soundcloud (or so to speak). Most of the tracks have new artwork and you assembled your recent remixes together. Are you doing all of this yourself? It seems like you take the way you present your music very seriously and the art is always on point. Are you your own art/creative director?

Always and forever, my brother. This is my vision. Just sprinkled with everyone and everything that has come before me.

Okay, so we know you have a new collaborative EP with Divine, named Slayer. Slayer is your first official project to be released. How did it come together?

Well, I linked up with Divine through Soundcloud. And, after that, we just became very good friends.We mesh very well together. Divine is a genius to me.

Is the whole project just the two of you?


What kind of sound did you go for? I know you’ve been experimenting and releasing a lot of music.

I can’t even say, brother. Its just music, ya know.

Are you setting any records in the stash for your album JennsenWorld? Or are you just waiting for the time to come to work on it?

Setting hella records in the stash, my brother. Also waiting for the time to work on it, i don’t know, ya know? I wanna make some shit like SOPHIE.

What’s SOPHIE?

The greatest thing to ever ever ever happen.

When we first met, you were known as 15yrold. As you got older and progressed musically, your name did too. Are you going to stick with 16yrold from here on out?

I might just delete it someday. Start over again. I don’t know, I have a few ideas, brother.

Stream 16yrold’s new collaborative EP “Slayer” here.


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