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Interview | Talib Kweli


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Talib Kweli continues to be one of the most active voices in hip-hop and black culture since his inception into the genre during the mid-1990s in Brooklyn, New York. If you don’t best know him for his music, including his critically acclaimed albums and singles (such as his hit ‘Get By‘), his work Mos Def (making up half of the legendary rap duo Black Star) or being the artist who first introduced us to Kanye West (inviting the young Chicago producer/rapper to tour with him), you may likely know him for his social activism. Often praised for the messages in his music, rapping about equality, compassion, and issues of great dignity (gravitas if you will), Kweli is not afraid to go to extra lengths to commit himself to the issues he raps about.

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Album Review: Days Before Rodeo | Travis Scott


There’s no such thing as a Travis Scott project without a little bit of a delay. After his website supposedly crashed, Travis Scott finally has blessed the universe with another offering in the form of a project appropriately named Days Before Rodeo, a free album of sorts leading up to his highly anticipated debut studio album, Rodeo.

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