The 10 Most Anticipated Acts at Freaky Deaky 2015

Justin Martin

Photo by Da

Often combining very airy female vocals and putting echoing effects on his vocals, Justin Martin’s rendition of house\electronic music is infectious. It definitely makes you dance, a lot, but it doesn’t quite make you lose your mind, which is a comfortable place to be. He also experiments with a plethora of sounds that not every DJ does, making him something of a stand-out. His set won’t be remembered as the most energetic, but you will surely remember it based on its uniqueness.

Ultimately, the seventh annual Freaky Deaky will go down as a music festival to be reckoned with. And remember, it has quickly risen to the place it is at now, and already competing with plenty of the country’s largest festivals. Imagine how much life it still has left and how much new ground there is left to shake.


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