The 10 Best Music Videos of 2015 (So Far)


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Some say music videos are a lost art. With MTV and VH1 airing more reality TV programs than actual music videos, it is no surprise that a lot of artists have abandoned the music video route of promotion. Not all artists fortunately. A lot of big artists know that fans crave visuals, even if they are streaming it from their phone or iPad. And a lot of emerging artists know that dope visuals going viral are a great way to gain exposure and put your name on the map. For our best music videos of 2015 (so far), which include selections from Raury, Childish Gambino, Kanye, WebsterX and more, we have a mix of both. Check out our picks and see who got our number one spot.

10. Eminem – “Detroit Vs. Everybody”

Alright, it may not be the video itself that puts it in our Top 10, but sometimes nominations rest almost entirely on the cast. So is the case for the ShadyXV single ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’. Eminem… Big Sean… Danny Brown… Royce Da 5’9… And sure, some great shots of the city… Mix it all together and you get a pretty good video!


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