The Top 7 Chicago Artists to Watch For in 2015

NoName Gypsy

NoName Gypsy
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration


Like many others on this list, many also heard her on Acid Rap, on the fan favorite, smooth, melodic track ‘Lost’. Joining Tink as a fell female artist on this list from Chicago to look out for, she also has a unique energy that no other female, or new artist in general brings to the table. From her spoken word pieces, to the calm, yet amazing wordplay, to her beautiful vocals, she brings the whole package in a very abstract way compared to other up-and- coming female MC’s in the game. Look out for her debut project, the Telefone EP, dropping sometime this year.

Lucki Eck$

Courtesy of Complex

At only 17 years old in 2013, he released the single ‘Everything Out$ide’ which gave everyone a look at his different take on beat selection and his very distinct wordplay. He later went on to release his Alternative Trap mixtape, which gave him a solid fan base and platform to grow. In 2014, he released his Body High mixtape which had fans and new listeners yearning for more. He ended 2014 by dropping the drugged out, trippy single ‘Stevie Wonder’ featuring Chance The Rapper to give fans a taste of what’s next. Now 18, he’s prepping his next project set to drop in 2015, which we can all expect to be next level.

Leather Corduroys

Courtesy of OkayPlayer

The duo of Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu from the SaveMoney crew have already established themselves as solo artists under the SaveMoney label building their own solid fan bases. Then in 2014, both came together to form the duo known as the Leather Corduroys. They released their debut collab EP Porno Music Vol. II on April Fools Day 2014. Yes, Vol. II. What happened to Vol. I you might ask? Well, no one really knows. But since then, they kept improving, dropping loose tracks here and there on their soundcloud and showing off their true potential. And finally on New Years’ Day, they dropped their free album Season, which has been met with positive reviews. Look for them to drop another project in 2015 and also for Joey’s performance art album which is still in the works.


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