Watch Milwaukee’s WebsterX’s Amazing New Video for “doomsday”


When I was first told to check out WebsterX from a friend of the site, I was skeptical, solely because the young MC hails from Milwaukee (which I admit isn’t fair). Sure, Milwaukee is my hometown and is less than 100 miles away from one of the best (if not best) music hubs in the world in Chicago, but let’s be real…Milwaukee has not historically been the best city for rap. Hell, the biggest rapper to ever come out of Milwaukee is Coo Coo Cal. And while ‘My Projects’ did reach the number one spot on the Billboard rap charts, that was just one song and well over a decade ago. ‘My Projects’ was an awesome track, but Cal was definitely not an artist that could put his whole city on the map. You would think that the city that boasts the “World’s Biggest Music Festival” would have at least a few worthy artists in the world’s best genre of music right now. But so far, it really hasn’t.

Now that I have angered about half of Milwaukee and thrown my hometown under the bus (just slightly of course), I did not know if I would be an instant fan of WebsterX… Well as it turns out, I am. The kid has got some serious skills and after he told me that he had only been actively recording music for about a year, I was certainly impressed. And today is a big day for the MC, as he just premiered his amazing new video for his track ‘doomsday’ ft. Siren on Noisy. Do yourself a favor and check out the video below, as it is honestly the best rap video out of Milwaukee that I have seen all decade. Enjoy!


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