WebsterX – “Lately”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

A lot has changed for Milwaukee rapper WebsterX since the release of his visuals for his ‘doomsday’ track. He has gained attention from Pigeons and Planes, Complex and some of the biggest music publications in the country, he performed at SXSW, and now we have his new song, titled ‘Lately’. “(The song) more embodies all the new gained attention I got from ‘doomsday’ and the interesting change of pace I experienced, (that’s the) reason why it’s called ‘Lately,'” WebsterX told Complex. If you’re a fan of rap, definitely check out the new mellow track, produced by Mic Kellogg.

Listen to ‘Lately’ below, and check out our photos of WebsterX’s performance at The Rave in Milwaukee.


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