The 30 Best Tracks of 2014

15. Lana Del Rey – “Brooklyn Baby”

Album: Ultraviolence

Whether its her love for the late Lou Reed, her soothing vocals, or her ability to say f*ck and make it sound beautiful, Lana Del Rey’s “Brookyln Baby” is a hit for any fan of indie pop. Produced by The Black Key’s frontman Dan Auerbach, “Brooklyn Baby” is vintage in its mood, from its production to its lyrics. Lana does not hesitate to remind us of her allegiance to New York, a city often praised by the musicians who are from there. “Brookyln Baby” is the best track from one of the year’s best (if not the best) albums.


14. Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q – “2 On”

Album: Aquarius

For many of us, 2014 will also be remembered as our introduction to R&B-songstress Tinashe, as her first single “2 On” also happened to be one of the most catchy club thumpers of the year. It’s got a familiar, radio-friendly electro DJ Mustard beat, but sports a risqué hook as she confesses how much she enjoys a strong drink and some strong stank. 2014 winner Schoolboy Q also makes a raunchy cameo with the weirdly dirty bars like “Pussy in my mouth, pussy on my pinky ring”. Wait, what? Let’s not forget the stimulus package OVO-mates OB O’Brien and Drake blessed her with the equally hot remix, too. “You’re so thot-ful, you’re so thot-ful.” Classic.


13. Jhene Aiko ft. Cocaine 80s – “To Love & Die”

Album: Souled Out

Jhene Aiko had her biggest commercial success to date with her Sail Out EP’s track, “The Worst”. Following the release of her EP, she released her similarly themed and Grammy nominated debut album, Souled Out. While the album was consistent in quality from top to bottom, and with almost no features, the album’s best track comes with her Cocaine 80s collaboration “To Love & Die”. While its short feature is not what makes the track great, “To Love & Die” exemplifies Aiko’s talents and insight on love, and makes for an amazing three and a half minutes.


12. The New Pornographers – “War on the East Coast”

Album: Brill Bruisers

Canadian indie rock band The New Pornographers (led by Dan Bejar) were formed over a decade ago but have been gradually increasing in fame, album-by-album. With their latest project Brill Bruiser, the group provided a stand out track with their second single “War on the East Coast”. This explosive track, written by Bejar himself, is easily a can’t miss rock track of the year.


11. Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

Album: In The Lonely Hour

Nominated for a number of Grammys, including “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year”, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” has been immensely successful in 2014. From his debut, In The Lonely Hour, Smith admits the things about sex that most men cannot. Taking down the walls that men cannot be emotionally invested in sex, Smith asks his love interest to stay, making for possibly the best love song of the year.

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