Radio Beef: A Timeline of the Rift Between Charlamagne Tha God and Peter Rosenberg


For years, there has been a battle between popular New York radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105, as they battle for the top spot in ratings and relevancy. This has only been heightened by the exposure given through social media. Now, the interviews held by The Breakfast Club and the personalities on Ebro in the Morning are not only available for New Yorkers on their way to work, but everyone with access to YouTube. Specifically, Charlamagne Tha God and Peter Rosenberg have been bumping heads a lot lately. Let’s get into what’s been going on.

Preface: Hot 97 and Power 105 have went at it for years, going as far as back as 2010.

During an interview with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), Rosenberg and Donald discussed Gambino being dissed by Charlamagne Tha God (it was somewhat a misunderstanding on Donald’s part). Rosenberg also took a shot at Power 105 adding…

“We’ve been kicking the sh*t out of them for months.”

See 26:40 mark.

During that same day, Charlemagne also interviewed Donald, as they spoke on the misunderstanding. However, Charlemagne didn’t understand Donald’s stance on race in America (this point is important later on).

See 4:00 and on.



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