Submission Showcase: October 13th – 19th 2014


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

Don Thomas – Home Sweet Home (Feat. Mariam) [Prod. By Lunchtime Legends]

To kick off the best submissions for this week, we have a track which was forwarded to us by one of our own writers, Sean Connors, ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Don Thomas has all the makings of a great track, from the soulful beat produced by Lunchtime Legends, to the hook, courtesy of Mariam, as well as the flow and lyrics. A very nice submission-which-actually-isn’t-a-submission.

Notable bars:

“Manhattan made me a man and I’m manning up to my word

Don’t hand me no handouts, everything that I get I earned”

Tha Real Ek – Gone (Feat. Desta & Taylor Bennett) [Prod. By RayAyy]

On the heels of Asher Roth and Mac Miller, Virgina weed-rap extraordinaire Tha Real Ek‘s new track ‘Gone’, featuring Desta and Taylor Bennett is pretty much the soundtrack to anyone’s lazy stoner Sunday. I like the whole reggae sample flipped into a trap beat, courtesy of RayAyy, a lot. They all ride it pretty well. Interesting uses of wordplay on this too. Stream and download his mixtape, ‘180’, here.

Notable bars:

“I know my rights and left with all my smoking canisters

Have a blunt afterwards because it’s the weekend. trying to meet the week’s end”

Kaydee – The Drill [Prod. By LA Chase]

Our next submission is from Toronto native Kaydee. ‘The Drill’, produced by LA Chase, is a soulful cut which focuses on Kaydee’s career and his progression as an artist. He rides the beat smoothly, and his flow is top notch. A wonderful submission. ‘The Transition’ drops on November 17th.

Notable bars:

“It’s cool, I ain’t rushing you, take your time lord

Just make sure when I get it, it’s my time lord”

Amarae’ – King TZA [Prod. By Amare’]

Atlanta native Amaraes self-produced ‘King TZA’ is something that I can only describe as Odd-Future like, in a good way. The beat loops over as if the whole song is a freestyle. Amarae’ drops some great bars with an angry flow which could be compared to that of Jarren Benton. All hail King TZA! Amarae’s debut album, ‘Sessions’, is out now.

Notable bars:

“The f–k I look like respecting a bi–h ni–a

I’d rather die slow or jump off a bridge, ni–a”

Justin Ruff – I’m With It [Prod. By CMPLX]

Of course it can’t be a Submission Showcase without something unique. Chicago-based R&B artist Justin Ruff shows off his How To Dress Well-esque vocal range on this CMPLX-produced track, ‘I’m With It’. A great song to round up our submission showcase. We hope to hear more from him soon.

Notable bars:

“It’s alright, alright, alright

Whatever you like, you like, you like

I don’t mind, don’t mind, don’t mind

Just say the word”

If you would like your music to be featured in our Submission Showcase column, find out how to here.


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