Who Can Still Win the 57th Album of the Year Grammy?


There are just 15 days (September 30th) until the eligibility period ends for the 57th annual Grammy awards. In what looks to be an arguably week year for critically acclaimed albums, and what has also been the year for surprise releases, some of your favorite artists could still swoop in and steal the most prestigious award in music. We certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

Right now, there are a handful of good albums that all have a chance at Album of the Year (‘AOTY’). Such albums include Beyonce’s Beyoncé, Pharrell’s GIRL, Katy Perry’s Prism, Ed Sheeran’s x, Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, Miranda Lambert’s Platinum, Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour or perhaps even Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, Jack White’s Lazaretto, and Arcade Fire’s Reflektor. The Recording Academy is very unpredictable, but you will certainly see a handful of these albums up for the award on February 8th. Next, there are also a few albums scheduled for release before the deadline that likely may be great albums that may also stand a chance against the above albums. Tweedy’s (Jeff Tweedy of Wilco) Sukierae or Lady Antebellum’s 747 are two such albums.

Although the albums currently in the running are certainly quality works, there is no clear favorite that has reached a great level of critical acclaim. For many artists that have been snubbed in the past, or some that are still looking for their first AOTY nomination, this may just be the time to sneak in a release before the deadline, gain hype, and take home the Grammy. There are also a number of albums that we expect to be great that could be submitted to their labels at any moment, so we have picked out a few artists that just may sneak it and win it all.

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

All three of our choices have noticeably been snubbed by the Grammys in the past few years. Once such artist, Kendrick Lamar, lost both Rap AOTY (critiqued by many, including the winner) and AOTY for his debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city. While we believe that this album might not be ready yet, Lamar has said he recorded about 40 songs for his sophomore album and that we can expect it in 2014. good kid, m.A.A.d. city was instantly met with acclaim after its October 2012 release and many thought last year would have been the year for a rare Rap win for AOTY. If King Kendrick did however surprise us with a release, and he doesn’t have the sophomore album curse or Macklemore holding him back, he likely could win big in February.

One, potentially more likely release, that could win it all is Frank Ocean. The details of his upcoming album are relatively unknown, but if it is anything like Channel Orange, it will be another classic. Many were upset that Ocean lost to Mumford and Sons in 2013 for AOTL, so in 2015 an album on par with his debut could definitely get the ‘W’. Also Ocean is no stranger to surprise releases, as he released Channel Orange a week early on iTunes, a complete surprise to all. Finally, with his new management team Three Six Zero, they may encourage such a move.

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Our final, and potentially most likely prediction is Mr. Grammys himself, Kanye West. Although it is no secret that Kanye dislikes the Grammys, just go to one of his shows after they snub him to hear for yourself, Kanye still has more Grammys (21) than anyone that young. Of those still making music, almost no artist in any genre has as many Grammys as Kanye (no matter what he says about them). Also, although Kanye would not be the first to completely surprise us with an album out of the blue, it is definitely a Kanye thing to do. We don’t know the title of the new album, but Kanye himself told us, via his interview with GQ Magazine, that we can expect the album this fall. Well the world is thirsty for new Ye, and its been in the 40s in Chicago all week, so I would say that fall (and Yeezy Season) is here and Kanye is certainly due for his first AOTY win (even if he keeps his Grammys in his sock drawer).

Our bold prediction: Kanye surprises us all and pulls the upset.




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