Kanye West Talks to Fans About the Press… and He’s Right


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Today during his Australian tour, Kanye West stopped the music to again talk about the press and address the wheelchair incident, where such sources as Fox News inaccurately reported that Kanye “tried to shame a man in a wheelchair to stand.” Well folks, there are a lot of good members of the press out there, but Kanye was pretty spot on today in Australia.

While Kanye often delivers his visionary streams of consciousness (more negatively referred to as a rant), today he delivered his message free of autotune to really get down to the message. In his speech (shown below) Kanye spoke about how The Today Show and Matt Lauer are schedule to cover the wheelchair incident to demonize Kanye. To anyone who has seen the whole video however, Kanye did not shame the man or disrespect the handicap, rather he made mistake while trying to get everyone to get on their feet to enjoy the show. Kanye even said “if he is in a wheelchair it is okay.” However, in just hours a YouTube posting of “Kanye West Sydney wheelchair misunderstanding” turned into “Kanye West tries to shame man in wheelchair into standing up.”

“Welcome to today’s news ladies and gentlemen. We got Americans getting killed on TV, we have kids getting killed every weekend in Chicago, we have unarmed people being killed by police officers, and we have Kanye West eating an ice cream cone. It makes you just want to reflect on what things are more sensationalized than others” said Kanye.

Kanye reminded us that he is a “married Christian man” with a family who makes music that makes a lot of people’s day better, and there are real newsworthy stories out in the world that do not get enough coverage. It may be unpopular for him to deliver this message, but he is completely right. When a lot of musicians, athletes, and others in the public sphere are fully deserving on their negative portrayal in the media, there is a clear difference between a Kanye West and someone who beats their wife or girlfriend. Let us not forget that the ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper helped take a genre, known for glorifying drugs and violence, into a genre that embraces more positive messages. Kanye ended his speech, thanking the audience for hearing him out and continued to make sure his fans at the show enjoyed the rest of their night.

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