Watch J. Cole Interview His ‘1985’ Rival Lil Pump


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

When news first broke about an interview with J. Cole and Lil Pump, the internet didn’t know how to handle it. After Pump’s ‘F*ck J. Cole* track and after J. Cole took (well intentioned) shots at Pump, with his KOD track ‘1985’, fans wouldn’t expect to catch the two in the same room, none the less on good terms.

Fast forward days later, the two both performed at Miami’s Rolling Loud Music Festival, where footage leaked of Lil Pump dancing side stage to J. Cole during his ‘1985’ performance. Was it a troll? Where the two on good terms? No one knew.

And now the two have set their musical differences aside, as J. Cole and Lil Pump sat down to interview each other and have an hour-long conversation about music. The two may not have a lot of cross over in their fan bases, but the interview is a must watch.

Watch J. Cole and Lil Pump’s interview below.

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