Summerfest Day 2 In Photos: Steve Aoki, GGOOLLDD, Hanson & More


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Day 2 of Summerfest’s big 50th Anniversary couldn’t have gone better, and music fans in Milwaukee literally got the most bang for their buck, as the festival’s Big Bang fireworks was rescheduled for Thursday after a harsh storm in the area on Wednesday caused the Big Bang’s delay. Unlike other premiere music festivals throughout the country, Summerfest brings an especially diverse list of performers to Milwaukee’s lakefront every year. So to kick things off for The Early Registration’s third straight year at Summerfest, we had to catch a wide variety of acts on day two!

Check out our Summerfest Day 2 photos below of EDM’s Steve Aiko, Milwaukee’s own GGOOLLDD, ’90s pop icons Hanson and more!

Photos by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration


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Steve Aoki

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Allen Stone


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The Regrettes

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