5 Rapper Predictions for Summerfest’s Final Headlining Spot

Frank Ocean

Courtesy of Getty Images

Now don’t get your hopes up… Frank Ocean (who isn’t a rapper, for the record) is simply at the top of our wishlist, but we have no concrete evidence to think he is performing at Summerfest. Frank Ocean has been MIA for years and the world is still patiently awaiting his sophomore album. The only real hope we have for a Frank Summerfest performance is that so many of the previous Summerfest headliners were announced completely out of left field as the artist surprised fans with a unexpected tour announcement (Blink 182, Sting, Peter Gabriel and more). Because of that, who is to say that Frank won’t just up and release his album with a bunch of tour dates tomorrow? This one is very unlikely, but we can keep our hopes up, right?


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