5 Rapper Predictions for Summerfest’s Final Headlining Spot


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Currently the world’s largest music festival, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, has announced all but one of its 11 headlining acts at its Marcus Amphitheatre stage. And while this year’s lineup so far is one of the best in recent years, it is still missing one big thing, a rap and hip/hop presence. Sure, Summerfest is known for its diverse lineup and never has really placed a large emphasis on rap when compared to other major music festivals, but consistently Summerfest always tends to deliver at least one huge rap headliner. Last year Kendrick Lamar blessed the stage, and brought along fellow TDE member, Schoolboy Q. In recent history the likes of Outkast and Kanye West have also all hit stage at Summerfest.

This year we are hoping for a big hip/hop act, and more then ever. A plethora of talented artists like Ryan Adams, Martin Garrix, Rise Against, Passion Pit, The Roots and more are all hitting the ground stages (with ticket prices starting at just $13), but when it comes to a rap presence you have only a couple options (Nelly and Jason DeRulo, the latter being a pop artist). Although artists can be added to the lineup at any time, rap fans in Wisconsin have their fingers crossed for the last Marcus Amphitheatre slot, on June 30th.

We have no idea whether or not the June 30th vacancy will be filled by a rap artist, but in hopes that it is, we have compiled a list of our five best predictions of who that may be!


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