Watch Lex Allen’s Webster X Assisted Video for “Cream and Sugar”


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Milwaukee singer Lex Allen is easily one of the most exciting artists out of Chicago’s sister to the North. With an amazing and beautiful voice, that can be best paralleled to that of John Legend, but with a complete style of his own, Allen is not only immensely talented but the bravery he shows through the sexuality in his music, while crossing genres with a historically unaccepting style of music, is without a doubt unmatched even in 2016. His raw talent mixed with his honesty makes him one our favorite artists to watch in the new year.

Allen’s new record is no exception to all the things that make him great. ‘Cream and Sugar’, which is produced by Q the Sun and assisted by a verse from the equally talented Milwaukee artist Webster X, is a catchy track that is sure to get you to sing along. With visuals directed by Cody LaPlant, the track and music video together demonstrate the vast creativity from New Age Narcissism, a Milwaukee collective with three of its members on this record alone (Allen, Webster X, Q the Sun).

Watch and listen to Lex Allen’s new music video and record ‘Cream and Sugar’ below.


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