Dirt Nasty Announces “Dirt Nasty Sux”, Releases Album’s First Single “Crispy Baby”


Dirt Nasty Sux

If you didn’t think the return of Dirt Nasty was truly here, you couldn’t be more wrong. First Dirt and Mickey Avalon announced that they squashed beef to reunite for their ‘Netflix and Chill’ record. Soon after followed the announcement of their Married to the Game EP, as well as a huge U.S. tour that kicked off just the other day. And now Dirt has given fans of his solo music a couple extra treats.

Releasing in a week on January 22nd, Dirt Nasty is releasing his new project, Dirt Nasty Sux. And to promote the forthcoming 8-track album, produced by Jay E, Dirt has released its first single ‘Crispy Baby’. Speaking on the new record, Dirt told fans “I’ve always been a crispy baby, but now it’s time I share it with the world. Enjoy the baby crispiness.”

Listen to ‘Crispy Baby’ below and pre-order Dirt Nasty Sux and check out Dirt’s forthcoming tour dates at DirtNastyMusic.com.



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