Dirty Nasty & Mickey Avalon Announce “Married to the Game” Tour & New Album


We were more than excited last month when rapper Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex) and Mickey Avalon squashed their beef after the break-up of the Dyslexic Speedreaders, known best for their hilarious record ‘My Dick’. The two put out a very topical track, titled ‘Netflix and Chill’, but no one knew if that would be the last we hear from the two together. Luckily it was not, as Dirt Nasty took to his Instagram today to announce a huge 28-date tour with Avalon, as well a new free album that’s coming out in just a few days!

Kicking off the “Married to the Game” tour next year on January 13th, and hitting a number of stops throughout the U.S. until the tour concludes in San Antonio, Dirt and Avalon will be making stops in Chicago, Milwaukee, the East Coast, West Coast, and probably a city near you. Hit the link at Dirt’s official website to get your tickets now!

Check out the “Married to the Game” tour dates below!



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