Dirt Nasty and Mickey Avalon Squash Beef and Reunite After Years for “Netflix & Chill”


The return of the Dyslexic Speedreaders is here, and out of nowhere! Over 5 years ago, the ‘My Dick’ rappers had a huge falling out, where the two went from being great friends to friends no more. Before the success of Avalon’s first hit ‘Jane Fonda’, Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex) would hand out Avalon’s CDs to strangers to help the California singer/rapper get discovered. Soon after, fans were treated to hilarious raps like ‘My Dick’ (with Andre Legacy), ‘Friday Night’ and more. Although, after disputes over unpaid loans between the group popped up, a falling out came between Dirt and Avalon.

Thankfully that falling out is now over as the two have teamed up for their very topical new record, ‘Netflix & Chill’. Dirt went on to tell fans:

“Me and Mickey had a falling out a few years back, but we decided to kiss and make up so we can give our fans some sweet new jams. And what better way to get over our differences than a nice mellow evening at home watching netflix and chilling out…..with hot girls of course.”

Listen to ‘Netflix & Chill’ below and let us all hope for a full out new project from the reunited friends.


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