5 Most Anticipated Acts of Hopscotch Music Festival

3. Tycho

Courtesy of Jake Giles Netter

Tycho’s uplifting ambient music injects a sense of calming warmth into the atmosphere whenever it’s played, and this notion is only furthered during his signature live shows. Featuring a full live-band and stunning images that shine upon the stage, it’s a wholly immersive performance that is not done justice when viewed online. Considering Scott Hansen and co. will also be opening up for indie-darlings TV On the Radio during this specific performance, there’s somehow even more incentive to attend.

4. Cashmere Cat

Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Electronic music has entered a stage of accelerated evolution over the past years with styles and sounds no one dreamed being crafted now pumping out of festival speakers. Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat is at the forefront of this movement with synth-lines worthy of a Passion Pit record slathered atop tattering high-hats and crisp samples. His work has most notably caught the ear of Kanye West who employed the artist for “Wolves,” one of the singles rumored to be on Yeezy’s forthcoming record, SWISH. With an ear for production that even Yeezus can appreciate, there’s little doubt Cashmere Cat will be worth checking out at Hopscotch.

5. Father

Courtesy of TheMaskedGorilla

If there’s one rapper that music blogs are losing their collective minds over right now, it’s without a doubt Father. Hailing from America’s current hip-hop capital of Atlanta, Georgia, his tracks offer a wonky sound from farther left than left field. Just take “Please Stop Making Versace,” a siren-synth driven cut that takes shots at everyone Father has distaste for with choice lines such as “Please stop rockin’ fake Fendi/Eatin’ nasty-ass Chipotle wearin’ bindis.” With equally-offbeat contemporaries such as iLoveMakonnen working their way to the top of the industry, there’s little doubt Father will be making his ascent shortly, so be sure to catch him before he transitions to stardom.

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