Six Degrees: Sam Smith to Paul McCartney (Lollapalooza Edition)


Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration
Photo by Dan Garcia/The Early Registration

Here at The Early Registration we like to pride ourselves on our music knowledge. To stay polished on our musical expertise, our new feature is a little game of musical “6 Degrees”. For those who are unfamiliar, six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone in the world is connected by six or fewer steps, so we are now taking the liberty of connecting musicians whom you would never think could be connected, in exactly six steps. This week our  piece is dedicated to Lollapalooza amazing lineup, which is coming to Chicago in just a couple of weeks. To keep things interesting we challenged ourself to connect one Lollapalooza headliner (Sam Smith) to another Lollapalooza headliner (Paul McCartney). The twist is can we do this using only other artists from Lollapalooza’s lineup this year? Find out below!

Sam Smith → Paul McCartney (Lollapalooza Edition)


A remix to one of Sam Smith’s stand out singles from his In The Lonely Hour album, Smith recruited rapper A$AP Rocky to contribute a solid opening verse to the record. Listen to Sam Smith and A$AP Rocky’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ remix above! And if you’re headed to Chicago for Lolla this year, you can catch A$AP on Sunday and Sam Smith’s headlining performance on Saturday (both at the “Bud Light Stage”).


A$AP Rocky hasn’t only been recruited by singers, but he is a favorite by many rappers to collaborate as well. Kid Cudi, who is performing right before Sam Smith on Lollapalooza’s “Bud Light Stage”, also recruited A$AP, but for his album, Indicud. The record, titled ‘Brothers’ also features Cudi’s longtime friend and collaborator King Chip (“Chip The Ripper”).


While Cudi and Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator have never released a song together, Kid Cudi did invite Tyler to join him on his 2013 “Cud Life Tour”. And who else joined Cudi as an opener? Logic, who is also performing at Lollapalooza this year. You can surely bet that Tyler will deliver an energetic performance on Saturday. But the minute his set ends, Cudi’s begins, so you may need to head out a minute or two early.


It is no secret that Tyler, The Creator is a big fan of Chaz Bundick (Toro y Moi). Although the song didn’t end up on an official project for either, the two combined forced for ‘Hey You’. The track was released on the internet and was described as a rough draft that Tyler put together in Norway with Chaz in the summer of 2011. Toro y Moi is performing three times in Chicago for Lollapalooza, once on the Wednesday before the festival for a Lolla Aftershow at The Metro, once for another Aftershow but under his Les Sins DJ moniker on Friday at the Smart Bar, and once right before Tyler on the “Palladia Stage” on Saturday.


Rappers seem to love some Chaz, as G.O.O.D. Music‘s Travis Scott is also a huge fan of Toro y Moi. For his debut project, Owl Pharaoh, Travis recruited Toro y Moi for an interlude. Travis is sure to bring a ton of energy, even as much as Tyler, Listen to the ‘Chaz Interlude’ above and catch Travis’ performance at the “Perry’s” stage on the Saturday of Lollapalooza.


Finally we have Travis Scott and Sir Paul connected through Kanye West’s record, ‘All Day’. While Scott and Paul may have not worked closely together on this one, they are two of the 30+ artists who worked on the mega-record. Scott provided some additional production to the track, while Paul McCartney helped write ‘All Day’ and even provided some vocals (well whistling). Listen to ‘All Day’ above!

And there we have it, one Lollapalooza headliner to another, using only Lollapalooza performers! Be sure to Tweet us suggestions of who we should connect next time (@TheEarlyReg).


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