Jack White Talks White Stripes Reunion Chances and if Touring is “Worth It”


Courtesy of Rolling Stone

In a members only Q&A for the Third Man Records‘ Vault this past weekend, Jack White talked a number of topics that might be worrisome for fans. Despite recently finishing a huge world tour, in promotion of his latest LP Lazaretto, White contemplated if it was all worth it.

“I’d say half the show I play, I’d rather not play, festivals for example. But I have to make the best of it and try to get inspired.”

White also added, “only seated theaters for acoustic shows for the rest of my days.” The other half of The White Strips, Meg White, was also discussed in the Q&A. “(Meg) doesn’t answer her phone… That time is gone.” Then, when asked about the chances of a reunion if they are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, White replied, “Doubt it, and doubt it.”

Kind of a depressing fans only Q&A, but hopefully it is just a funk and fans will hear a lot more of Jack White in the future(assuming they put their cell phones away at his concerts).


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