Mike Posner Shares Surprise EP “The Truth” with Fans


In a private email to fans (and we are definitely a fan), Mike Posner shared a surprise 4-track EP, titled The Truth. The project, which features a few tracks from his forthcoming and much anticipated sophomore release, contains ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’, ‘Buried in Detroit’, ‘Not That Simple’ and ‘Be As You Are’. Mike added:

“PS. I want to be very clear: THESE ARE FOUR SONGS SELECTED FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM. When I put the album out, I don’t want to hear “we’ve already heard all these soooooongs” #whinyvoice hahahahaha.  love you.”

Since this release was intended for fans only, do yourself a favor and officially subscribe to his email list at MikePosner.com, so you find out about new music from the source himself!

Stream The Truth EP below.

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