Submission Showcase: May 18th – 24th 2015


‘Submission Showcase’ is a weekly column where we go through songs submitted to us and showcase the best ones. If you’d like to submit music to us, find out how to here.

You know the drill.

Killwave – The Calling

This one is pretty cool. ‘The Calling’, the new single by Chicago post-punk band Killwave has a hint of “holy crap, you’d probably hear this on Skate 3”. For some reason it really reminds me of every track on Grand Theft Auto IV’s Radio Broker, mixed with bits of Joy Division here and there. That’s actually a good thing because I love that game. Quite industrial sounding too. Check it out below and purchase ‘The Calling’, along with some other songs, on their new album, ‘Death By Distortion’, here.


The Rebel Light – Strangers

Bar music without trying to sound like bar music. What even is bar music? Well, ‘Strangers’, this single by Californian indie-pop band The Rebel Light, is a track that floods me with images of people surfing and drinking beers. At a bar. Okay, maybe it’s more like indie-surf-pop? The bottom line is that I’m terrible at describing music and this song is good. All the instruments come together to make a happy atmosphere, all the while being led by some strong vocals. Listen to ‘Strangers’ below, and look out for more songs from them soon.


Groombridge – Cold Blood

See how the most unknown bands make the best music? This is an example. It’s also a funny example because I tend to refuse to listen to anything with strong dynamics or anything that is just generally loud. ‘Cold Blood’, the new single from Swiss alternative-rock band Groombridge reminds me of (I always say reminds me of, and I always mean it in the best way) scored music in action films, and things like 28 Days Later. It starts off like your normal heavy rock song, then explodes into a big, boomy chorus. Imagine the trailer for that new Dwayne Johnson film, ‘San Andreas’, with this in the background. It works. And it sounds so good. Seriously, seriously, seriously listen below and check their Soundcloud for more material.


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