Lucious Lyon’s Son, Singer Jamal Lyon, Comes Out Through Song


Jamal Lyon

Rapper Lucious Lyon, arguably the greatest rapper of all-time, is known for his truly humble beginnings and his gangsta lifestyle. His sons, Jamal and Hakeem, share their father’s passion for music (and possibly his Empire one day) but they also differ in multiple ways. And one of the ways Jamal Lyon differs from his father was revealed last night, and through a remake of his father’s hit record ‘You’re So Beautiful’.

While covering his father’s classic Lyon’s Roar track, the singer-songwriter changed the lyrics to:

“This the kind of song that makes a man love a man.”

You read it right, a big move for the hip-hop and R&B community, Jamal Lyon came out as gay. And before his memorable performance, Jamal quoted his father and told the crowd “The most brilliant man that I know told me that ‘music is the truth.’ I’m honoroed tonight to use his music to explain to you all some of my truths.” Well done, Jamal.

Watch Jamal’s history-making performance, and listen to Lucious’ classic original version, below!


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